I Offer Post Construction Deep Cleaning Services to Clients!

Hiring a post-construction deep cleaning contractor to help you clean your new place is a great idea. There is a lot of dust or debris on your property that will be difficult to remove by yourself. Without the right tools and cleaning know-how, it might be impossible to clean the entire property deep. But if you are hesitant to hire a professional because of a few reasons, you can hire Rosa's House Cleaning LLC. We serve both residential and commercial clients in Norcross, GA with my post construction deep cleaning services.

Why Hire a Professional to Clean It?

From a small to a big property, it should be deep cleaned by a professional for a few reasons. First, deep cleaning is a type of cleaning that is very thorough and detailed. It focuses on specific areas instead of just one room. If you have a small or large space, you might not be able to clean it that thoroughly. Second, it removes stains, spots, and other stains that are hard to remove due to their location or size. They would take more time and effort to remove using traditional cleaning methods. So, hire a professional like me to deep clean your property.

I’ll Deep Clean the Place!

My post construction cleaning service focuses on using the right tools so we can clean the entire property thoroughly. I can remove those stubborn stains and spots that are hard to reach, such as the ones on the grout, corners of ceilings, and other hard-to-reach areas. Moreover, I’ll also be able to remove debris and dust that managed to accumulate. I’ll get rid of dust and debris, dust all the surfaces, vacuum the carpets and upholstery, and remove any stains that managed to get stuck on these surfaces. If your new place needs to be deep cleaned after renovation or construction, you know who to call.

Rosa's House Cleaning LLC is the post construction deep cleaning contractor you can count on to clean your new place. Do you want your newly constructed property in Norcross, GA to be professionally deep cleaned? Give me a call at (404) 396-0785 today so I can start!

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